MSSP missionaries work in 7 parishes here.

5 of these parishes are found in the perifery of Arequipa. Nomads, travel closer to the city with the hope of finding a better place. They end up building small rooms for shelter and settling there. MSSP Missionary work here includes:

  • Seeing to the social needs of the people, also by providing them with basic services and needs.
  • Encouraging the people in particular zones to work together to make their area better, example by teaching them how to and helping them build a reservoir.
  • Caring for old people, mainly by running kitchens which provide a good meal daily. The people either go there to get the food themselves or else this is taken to their home, depending on their needs.
  • Work in clinics, giving professional care to the people.
  • Education and free tuition is provided to a number of students, many a times also providing them with stationary, books and other needs.
  • Nurseries. On many occasions, either because the parents work or are out seeking work, young children are left alone in the house or roaming the streets. This leads to a number of hazards and accidents. Nurseries have been set up for children aged between 6 months and 3 years, so that these are cared for whilst the parents are away.
  • Spiritual care. MSSP priests see to the spiritual needs of their parishioners. They also have set up retreat houses where the different communities learn about the Gospel and also have seminars and retreats.
  • Home for Children. They also run a residential home for 50 children between the age of 1 year and 18 years.

The first MSSP mission in Peru started in Aplao. Here the missionaries still take care of a parish. This is a very big parish and it is very difficult for the missionaries to reach the whole zone frequently. This is mostly an agricultural community.

In Aplao there is also a home for the missionary community giving them the opportunity to work together and support each other.

In Lima, MSSP missionaries have a formation house for the priests. Here the missionaries promote MSSP missions and also work for new vocations.